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About me:

Basically I am just an Dane using to much time and money playing around with musical instruments. But here are more details of my background
-I was born 23 dec 1970 in the town (Juttland Denmark) Kolding
-Raised just outside the town of Vejen (not far from Kolding)
-Have an educations as Electronics Mechanics I did my educations at Silcon Power Electronics A/S (now: APC Denmark ApS (American Power Conversion)
-Besides almost two years living abroad, Wettingen, Switzerland I have been living in Denmark all my life.
-Living in Copenhagen since 1997
-Working in the Tele combinations business delivering Value Added Services (VAS) plat forms to telecom operators
-My big passion music.....

My musical CV

-Started playing Tuba 1982 -1988 in Vejen Garden
-Started playing guitar 19
-Played in the band TRAPS from 198? - 1990 se my site as an tribute to this cover band www.traps.dk
-Played Tuba in Skodborg Frivillig Brandværns Okerster (volunteer fire fighter brigade) from 1988 to 1998 (interrupted with a brake, while living in Switzerland)
-Played in several small bands as kid but stopped when I moved to Wettingen in Switzerland in 1991
-Since 1991 I did only play guitar for my self....BUT THEN.......

-1999 I wanted to start playing again and after making that decision my collection of gear exploded!