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Gear List

Pre Amp's

-Boss GT-Pro, Midi Pre-Amp

Speaker Cabinet's

-Mesa/Boogie EV Thiele cab. (only have one but are looking for an second one)
-Mesa/Boogie EV openback cab.


-Mesa/Boogie Simul-Satellite
-Mesa/Boogie Simul-Satellite Top 19" mount
-Rivera TBR-1SL, 19" Stereo Head

Effects and....

-Morley Bad Horsie
-Morley Bad Horsie II
-Morley Little Alligator, Volume pedal
-Boss FC-50, Midi Board
-T-Rex Bigfoot, Midi Board
-T-rex CompNova, Compressor stomp box
-T-Rex Alberta, drive stomp box
-T-rex Replica, Digital Delay stomp box
-Samson PowerBrite 9 Pro
-Boss TU-2, Tuner
-Boss OD-2r, Overdrive stomp box
-Boss CE-20, Chorus stomp box
-Roland GI-10, Guitar to Midi converter/interface

Studio and Small PA....

-Yamaha 01V, Digital mixer + ADAT Interface -AKG C 1000 S, Condenser Microphone
-AKG C 451 EB + CK8, Condenser Microphone
-Shure SM58, Dynamic Microphon
-Shure SM57, Dynamic Microphone
-T-Bone BD-200, Cardioid Dynamic Microphone
-T-Bone SC-450, Condenser Microphone
-Beyer dynamic, Opus Drum Set L, containing:
  1x Opus 99 dynamic Bass Drum Microphone
  2x Opus 53 for Overhead
  4x Opus 88 clip microphone with a short gooseneck f. Snare and Toms
  1x Bass-Drum mic stand ST 99.
-Behringer ADA2000, ADAT 8x mic. preamp conv. w/phantom Power
-Bose 1800 V, Pro-Power amp w/build-in 802 controller card.
-Bose 802 II, Pro-Speakers
-Sennheiser EW-300 IEM-E G2, In Ear Monitor's.
-C-Mexx C-Console 01V, Software to control Yamaha 01V mixer.

Gear I would like to buy

-Zeck DCA500 or DCA501, 500 Watt active subwoofer w/18" JBL 2241 driver
-Fender Cyber twin head
-Alesis DM5, Digital Drum trigger module
-Yamaha, Pearl or Tama Drum set to modify for silent trigger of Alesis DM5