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Gear I used to own:

-Marshall JMP-1
-Marshall 9005
-Marshall 9001
-Marshall 1912 cab's
-Marshall 1960A
-Roland GS-6, Guitar Multi effect processor
-Roland GR-50, Guitar Syntsizer
-Roland FC-100mkII, Midi/RCC board
-Roland JC-120, Guitar Combo
-Peavey Classic 50/50, Tube Power Amp
-TC Electronic Chorus Flanger, Stomp box
-TC Electronic Line Driver Sustainer, stomp box
-TC Electronic G-Major, multi effect
-Ibanez TS9, distortion, stomp box
-Boss TU-12H, tuner
-Gibson Les Paul Pro
   -Levinson Blade R4 (modified with EMG sa-sa-89)
-Valley Art, M-Series
-No-Name Strat shaped
-Fender 1988 USA Standard Stratocaster
-Yamaha AW4416, Digital Recording studio
-Yamaha DG-100A-212
-Yamaha AEX 500
-Yamaha DG-1000
-Yamaha DG-Stomp
-Mesa/Boogie Simul-Class 295
-Mesa/Boogie Mark IV
-Mesa/Boogie Simul-Satellite wood/wicker
-Mesa/Boogie Studio Pre Amp
-Mesa/Boogie Satellite 60
-Rocktron MIDI Patchmate
-VOX ToneLab
+ and hole lot more